Start of Term 2!

We have had an awesome start to Term 2! As a Year 4-6 Team we decided to focus on early settlers to Aotearoa New Zealand and how it became a bicultural nation with all the ups and downs on the way.

We started with the idea of a blank settlement. Learners had to decide what the most important building that needed to built was. They then designed and built a model of this building to add to our town. There was lots of great discussion, building knowledge around the time and some hot glue gun burns; the results have been really impressive!

My literacy group have really taken to this and I’m excited to see the writing that will come from it. The use of experience to inspire writing has often come up in the research I have seen so am pleased that this opportunity has arisen.

My plan initially is to write letters home as if we were on the boat to and just arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand. We’ll then write emails as if we have done the same journey in the 21st century to compare and contrast.

This will take us to halfway through the term where matariki will reappear in the night skies and the perfect opportunity to start focusing on Māori myths and legends. I’m still considering how to do this best and will definitely be building knowledge in this area!

I’ve also decided on my focus group to closely assess. I will use their feedback and results to roll out successful strategies to the whole group. I’ve picked EI as he’s a Māori learner who is more capable than he realises. As a school we are focusing on MASAM so I will lots of resources and strategies to aid in this space.  I’ve also picked VM, RB and SM who are all reluctant writers at a similar level of attainment enthusiasm.

Off to plan letter writing!

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