TAI gets underway!

This year I have decided to focus the question:

How can I build a passion for writing and have an impact on attitudes and outcomes for our reluctant boy writers? – with a focus on student support and Māori learners?

I’ve always had boy heavy classes but with so much to do as a teacher it had never been a focus to think deeply about the motivations behind the classic boy reluctance to write.

With so many of these boys classed in the reluctant writer category it seemed like the perfect time to explore this further.

But what about the girls?! Absolutely! One of my main motivations to become a teacher was to aid in developing the next generation of strong women. In my second year of teaching I had 3 newly recognised dyslexic boys and learnt what benefited them would usually benefit the rest of the class. I’ve used this as a blanket rule going forward, what supports student support learners will typically support all. Girls, I still got you.

I started where I normally start, with a google search.

This video prompted some thoughts about how to build capabilities in using digital tools to encourage writing.

I also found the Ministry of Education’s Success for Boys site hugely interesting and will be implementing ideas from that very soon. Especially the Game of Awesome!




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