Initial Noticings…

From our first 4 weeks as a Literacy group, I have tried to take opportunities to sit back and just observe my group when they write.

Over two weeks we wrote various genres of writing to back in to the swing of literacy lessons and to give me the opportunity to assess where they were.

The final genre we looked as was information writing. This was extended over a week and involved skills such as research and planning.  I found the focus learners in my group typically enjoyed non-fiction over fiction and wanted to get on and do rather than plan!

We have moved on the writing our own graphic novels. The ownerships over the learning and the creating something of their own element has been a success. I also think they are enjoying the ratio of image to writing however there are some anxieties around not being good enough to draw a comic book.

There is some tension around the correct use of a chromebook and that it IS A LEARNING TOOL! However they are generally using the writing tools such as storyboard this well.

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